Ride United: Last Mile Delivery

Ride United: Last Mile Delivery uses Dashers, delivery drivers for DoorDash, to provide a reliable and safe way to get essential pantry items to households in need. 

In 2020, Ride United — Last Mile Delivery’s umbrella program that previously provided only transportation access in the form of rides — expanded to include deliveries of food and essential items in response to the then-new pandemic, forming the Last Mile Delivery program. Local 211 and United Way teams work with community partners to help redefine how people facing transportation access receive needed services. Local teams and partners work collaboratively to match-make donated food and essential items to neighbors in need.  Since April 2020, Last Mile Delivery has provided more than 691,000 free deliveries, including 8.8 million meals, supporting over 37,000 households in need of food and essential items. In 2021 alone, DoorDash has provided over 480,000 free deliveries and, based on the program’s success, has committed an additional 1.5 million free deliveries to United Way and the 211 network in 2022.


Fast forward to today, Ride United's Last-Mile Delivery averages 1,000 essential pantry deliveries per month, with plans to expand to areas such as Harvard, Hebron, and Marengo.