Healthy Community

United Way of Greater McHenry County strives to improve health and well-being for all. We recognize the importance of wellness as it relates to the whole person. United Way of Greater McHenry County leverages its strong relationships with leaders across all sectors to identify the county's most pressing health needs, respond to them, mobilize the caring power of the community, and tackle the root cause of the issue.

We are acutely aware of our community's growing need for food security. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, our Last Mile Delivery program ensures that 12,000 essential pantry deliveries are made annually in the Greater McHenry County area so our neighbors can meet their nutritional and well-being needs.

Without having a stable overhead, mental health, and stress can be crippling enough to affect physical wellness. Thankfully, over half of existing clients last year were able to exit transitional shelters and move to a positive housing destination.

When backed into a corner, people make desperate choices because they don’t know what resources are available. Last year, local law enforcement agencies and first responders were equipped with the county's first-ever mental health-focused resource cards. These cards made them better advocates and enabled them to effectively provide critical resources for those experiencing mental crises or build awareness for those who know someone who has a mental health condition.

A healthy community is a thriving one. We advance our mission by effectively collaborating with leaders across all sectors to ensure everyone has the resources to thrive. If you want to be a part of the transformational changes related to improving health in McHenry County, please get in touch with us by clicking the link below!


United Way of Greater McHenry County works to close the gaps in access to quality healthcare and wellness-related services. Investments in a healthy community include the following programs: 



2023-2024 Health Program Grants

Association for Individual Development

Mental Health & Therapy Support | $25,000


CASA of McHenry County 

Child Abuse & Neglect Advocacy | $25,000


Child Advocacy Center

Child Abuse Victim Support | $15,000


Family Health Partnership Clinic 

Health Care Services | $40,000


Greater Family Health

Healthcare Services | $15,000


Independence Health & Therapy 

Day Programming - Frail/Elderly Recovery | $15,000

Day Programming - Frail/Elderly Dementia | $13,000

Day Programming - Frail/Elderly Adult Day Health | $9,000

Physical Therapy Services | 69,500

Occupational Therapy Services | $6,500

NAMI McHenry County 

Mental Health Therapy & Support | $7,500


NW Center Against Sexual Assault 

Sexual Abuse Counseling | $25,000


Pioneer Center for Human Services 

Day Program for Homeless | $60,000

Child Therapy | $12,500


Rosecrance McHenry County 

Alcohol & Drug Counseling | $6,250

Family & Individual Counseling | $5,000


Turning Point 

Domestic Violence Children's Services | $5,000

Domestic Violence Victim Support Services | $5,000

Mental Health Therapy for Victims | $5,000

Partner Abuse Intervention Program | $21,000