Day of Caring

Every employee wants to work for a company that cares in more ways than one. According to Cone Research, 79% of people prefer to work for a socially responsible company. Employees feel more connected to a community and have a sense of purpose when their company offers a mix of volunteer work, workplace giving programs, and matching gift opportunities. This provides a meaningful way for employees to give back and grow.

United Way of Greater McHenry County has recognized that the companies we work with are looking for a way to increase employee engagement and continue to build the culture within. Keeping our donors always at the top of our minds, we launched our new program, A Day of Caring. This fantastic opportunity lets us match our donor companies with a project to help them engage their employees, create a positive working environment, and foster good communication and teamwork. Projects are submitted by the 29 nonprofit agencies that we support, making the ultimate collaboration between donors, United Way, and our nonprofits who receive the funding and support. A win, win and win!

 We are happy to work with your organization to reinforce beliefs and behaviors most valued by your company and effectively empower your employees to grow and do things they are most passionate about, contributing to a more robust, more skilled workforce.